English Title: Hydrogenerators

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

  • Classification of hydropower plants by type, global capacity and trends of hydropower plants, hydropower technologies, pumped storage hydropower plants, hydroelectric power generation and hydraulic calculations, reaction and impulse turbines, velocity triangle and torque calculation.
  • Hydrogenerators, rotor structure, damper windings, air ducts, stator core, clamping plate, pressing fingers, windings, Roebel bars.
  • Physical model of a hydrogenerator, dq-transformation, transient and sub-transient inductances, phasor diagram, current locus curve, no-load and short-circuit characteristics.
  • Analytical modelling of hydrogenerators, magnetic flux density distributed in the air gap and slotting, Carter’s factor, equivalent core length, magnetic voltage of tooth and yoke, leakage fluxes not crossing the air gap, slot leakage inductances, tooth tip leakage inductances, leakage flux in the pole gap, end winding leakage inductances.
  • Additional losses in hydrogenerators, clamping plate losses, pole shoe surface losses, third-order harmonic losses, additional losses in the damper windings, eddy current losses in the stator winding, skin and proximity effect, double sided skin effect, design of the Roebel bar.
  • Magnetic noise and vibrations in hydrogenerators, radial air gap forces with centric rotor, stator core oscillations, deformation of the stator core, static and dynamic eccentricity, forces on the slot conductors.
  • Design of hydrogenerators, machine constant formulation, stress tensor equation, mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal loadability.
  • Inspection and maintenance of hydrogenerators, stator bore contamination, magnetic termites, etc.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Amir Ebrahimi
External Employees
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Amir Ebrahimi
External Employees