Elektrische Klein-, Servo- und Fahrzeugantriebe

Elektrische Klein-, Servo- und Fahrzeugantriebe

English Title: Small Electric Motors, Servo and Vehicle Drives

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

  • Low-priced and high-quality designs, overview of externally commutated and self-commu­tated motors, basic design concepts, permanent magnet materials.
  • Permanent magnet DC motors: designs (drum-type, disc-type and bell-shaped rotors), applications, magnet materials, performance, speed control.
  • Universal motors; design, applications, perfor­mance, electric and electronic speed control, commutation.
  • Single-phase induction motors: design, applications, winding types, designs (capacitor motor, resistance and auxiliary winding motor, split-pole motor), performance (generalized symmetrical components, permeance locus diagram), speed control.
  • Single-phase synchronous machines: design (stator with slots, distinct poles or claw poles), motors with permanent magnet, hysteresis and reluctance rotor.
  • Basics of servo drives (DC, induction and syn­chronous servo motors).
  • Vehicle drives: claw-pole generators (bicycles, motor vehicles), traction motors (types, specific features, energy efficiency), auxiliary motors.