Elektrische Bahnen und Fahrzeugantriebe

Elektrische Bahnen und Fahrzeugantriebe

English Title: Electric Traction and Vehicle Drives


This course is offered in German.

Drive technology for electric railways and road vehicles is an example of a complex technical task, in which the design depends on the interaction between the electrical, electromechanical and mechanical components.

The objective of the lecture is:

  • know the structure and main components of an electric traction system
  • recognize the impact of technological innovation on the design of the optimal system solution
  • apply the knowledge acquired in the basic lectures to the traction systems
  • be able to design a basic dynamic driving design for traction drives


The lecture covers the basics of electric drive technology for traction applications.
This includes vehicles from trams to high-speed trains and electrically driven road vehicles.

An overview of the technological development and the current state of the art is given. The main features of the design of vehicle drives from requirements to dimensioning are explained.

  1.  Development of electric traction technology
  2.  Aspects of the energy supply of electric railways
  3.  Vehicle dynamics and transmission
  4.  Drive technology with commutator motors
  5.  Drive technology with three-phase motors
  6.  Conventional railways
  7.  Unconventional railways
  8.  Road vehicles with electric drives

Necessary previous knowledge is the basics of power electronics and electrical drive technology.