Regelung elektrischer Drehfeldmaschinen

Regelung elektrischer Drehfeldmaschinen

English Title: Control of Three-phase Electric Machines

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

Students shall get to know the dynamic behaviour of controlled drives, understand the principles of field-oriented control for electrical three-phase drives as well as learn about the properties of the different methods. First of all, the complete control loop of a DC drive is investigated. The lecture focuses on drives with asynchronous machines. Drives with synchronous machines will also be considered.


  • Dynamic behaviour of uncontrolled DC machines
  • Torque and speed control of DC machines
  • Positioning control
  • Dynamic model of three-phase machines
  • Principle of field orientation
  • Field-oriented control of asynchronous machines
  • Reduced models of asynchronous machines
  • Control methods without speed sensor
  • Field-oriented control of synchronous machines

In the exercise which is partly computer-assisted, students are first of all introduced ino the application of the tools Matlab and Simulink. Exercise examples are treated by simulations carried out on the computer by the students themselves, thus increasing their knowledge achieved in the lecture by own exeriences.

Necessary previous knowlege: Basics of Electromagnetical Power Conversion (electrical engineers) or Electric Drives (mechatronic engineers)

Recommended previous knowledge: Power Electronics I and Electrical Drive Systems