Passive Komponenten der Leistungselektronik

Passive Komponenten der Leistungselektronik

English Title: Passive Components in Power Electronics

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

The students gain knowledge about passive components of power electronic converter stages and fundamental calculation methods and design strategies. After successful completion, they are able to compare, design and evaluate passive components for various applications on their own. They include inductive components such as inductors and transformers, various types of capacitors, basic power electronics packaging, parasitic component properties, fundamental filter design for power electronic converter stages.


  • Calculation methods, design strategies, examples of magnetic components
  • Capacitors, applications, types, pros and cons, typical fields of application
  • Basic filter design for frequencies below 30MHz (conducted)
  • Power electronics packaging
  • Thermal management of power electronic converters

Every student choses an application and develops its components during the exercise in parallel to the lecture. In the laboratory exercise, the corresponding components are selected and built up. The simulation software used is LT-Spice.

Necessary previous knowledge: Power Electronics I

It is recommended to attend the lecture in parallel with Power Electronics II.