English Title: Energy Technology


This course is offered in German.

Aim of this lecture is to provide power engineering students right at the beginning of their studies with a global overview of the different disciplines in power engineering. For this reason, the lecture is planned as an interdisciplinary series of lectures organized by IAL who also conducts the final exam.

Within the scope of this lecture series, each professor working in the field of power engineering presents his specific discipline. The course thus covers the whole range of power engineering reaching from power plant technologies over turbomachinery and electrical machines to power supplies. The introductory lecture is held by an external lecturer coming from industry.

The lecture series comprises the following individual presentations:

  • Overview / primary energy distribution (Dr. Kranz)
  • Power plant technologies (Prof. Scharf)
  • Technical combustion (Prof. Dinkelacker)
  • Thermodynamics (Prof. Kabelac)
  • Turbomachinery (Prof. Seume)
  • Electrical machines (Prof. Ponick)
  • Power electronics (Prof. Mertens)
  • Energy storage systems (Prof. Hanke-Rauschenbach)
  • High-voltage engineering (Prof. Werle)
  • Power supply (Prof. Hofmann)
  • Thermal processes (Prof. Nacke)
  • Resource-efficient energy use (Prof. Baake)