Elektronisch betriebene Kleinmaschinen

Elektronisch betriebene Kleinmaschinen

English Title: Small Electronically Controlled Motors

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

  • Basic features and comparison of stepping and B.L.D.C. motors.
  • Application of numerical calculation schemes and tools for dimensioning and simulation of small electronically controlled motors.
  • Stepping motors: designs (PM, reluctance or hybrid rotor), operating modes, characteristics, control, damping methods, dynamic performance.
  • B.L.D.C. motors: magnet materials; designs for different number of phases, drum-type and disk-type rotors, motors with slotted stator or air-gap windings, hybrid motors, switched reluctance motors; performance.
  • Rotor position sensors: incremental and absolute value sensor, magnetic or optic principles of functioning, resolver.
  • Electronic supply circuits for small machines and actuators: line-commutated converters (uncontrolled rectifiers, half-controlled bridges) and self-commutated converters (DC and AC power controller, phase control)
  • Types of protection and standards
  • Procedure and tools for the analysis of small machines (FEM analysis, dynamic simulations)