Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen

Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen

English Title: Theory of Electrical Machines

Lecture + Exercise + Laboratory

This course is offered in German.

  • Synchronous machines: Design and cooling methods of synchronous machines; performance of salient-pole machines in steady-state operation: phasor diagram, equivalent circuit diagram, locus diagram, voltage equations, Potier diagram, permanent magnet synchronous motors, synchronous reluctance motors; operation of synchronous generators with unsymmetrical load.
  • Introduction into the rotating field theory, harmonic leakage, skewing.
  • Electromagnetic design of polyphase machines.
  • Theory of windings: design laws and calculation of winding factors for integer-slot and fractional-slot windings, imbricated windings and change-pole windings; Goerges polygon for determination of the m.m.f. curve and the harmonic leakage coefficient.
  • Parametric fields based on fluctuations of the magnetic harmonic conductivity of the air gap (e.g. saturation, eccentricity and slotting fields).
  • Current displacement in rotor cages; field damping by cage and slip-ring rotors; field damping by parallel paths of the stator winding.
  • Tangential mechanical forces (generation, asynchronous and synchronous harmonic torques); radial mechanical forces (generation of magnetically excited noise and mechanical vibrations, unbalanced magnetic pull and its effect on the lateral critical speed of the shaft).
  • Types of losses; additional losses caused by spatial harmonics.