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HorsePower Hannover is a students' association that is dedicated to develop and build an electric racing car and participate in the Formula Student Electric challenge every year. In this respect, we are especially looking for electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics or industrial engineering students who are interested in getting an active member of our HorsePower team. Students coming from other disciplines are welcome, too.



Status Quo

At present, around 80 students are participating in our HorsePower Team, mainly coming from the disciplines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and industrial engineering. Already since 2009, the team has been successfully developing and building racing cars (since 2011 all-electric cars), competing every summer against international teams on prestigious racing circuits like Silverstone.

Since 2017, HorsePower Hannover has also been developing one autonomous racing car every year, presenting the team with new challenges. Besides image and object recognition, additional actuators need to be developed and controlled.


What's our goal?

This year again, we are planning to build an all-electric racing car. To get this going, we need ambitious and enthusiastic electrical, mechatronics and industrial engineering students!


What's the electrical engineering part?


  • Finding and testing an appropriate electric motor by means of calculations and simulations and under consideration of certain boundary conditions, like for example weight, performance, speed, installation space, cooling, transmission, requirements under racing conditions
  • Optimal power converters and drive control
  • Battery system with the corresponding electronic equipment
  • Recovery of braking power into the battery system
  • Sensors for input signals, as for example accelerator and brake pedals
  • Implementation of control algorithms for controlling the driving dynamics
  • Development of actuators for the autonomous system (lane assistant, brake control, …)
  • Software development for embedded systems and the autonomous system
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of control architecture
  • Communication and interfaces of the overall system (perhaps via bus system)
  • Circuit design for hardware systems
  • Fund raising (project is completely financed by sponsors)


... and what do I get out of it?

Besides having fun with the project and working together in a great team, you have the chance to get into contact with many companies, being able to talk to experts and develop business relations while you are studying. Participating in such a project requires team spirit and a proactive work behaviour. In return, you can gather a lot of practical experience, and last but not least, it looks great in your CV. In addition, it bears a lot potential for students' theses which in turn is also favourable for the HorsePower project. The students' theses are supervised on demand by IAL.


How to join in?

Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to  kontakthorsepower-hannover.de or contact our responsible person at the Institute for Drive Systems and Power Electronics (IAL):

Benjamin Knebusch

tel.: 0511 / 762 - 2408


email: benjamin.knebuschial.uni-hannover.de